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Theranostics: A combination of diagnostics and therapy

Theranostics describes the assimilation of diagnostics and therapeutics in the management of disease. Theranostic paradigm can assume that diagnostic test findings can specifically conclude whether a subject is probably to benefit from a defined therapy.

Here, nuclear medicine is preferably major to play a cardinal role by allowing visualization of molecular targets, in which can help targeted therapy and monitor the response using specific radionuclides .

Bushehr PET-CT center

Introduction for Bushehr PET-CT center

Bushehr PET/CT center is one of the most advanced and modernized centers for PET/CT scan around the country located in Bushehr Nuclear Medicine Center. The system was brought from GE company.

professor Sanjiv Sam Gambhir

Unveiling statue of founding father of molecular imaging, professor Sanjiv Sam Gambhir in our main building to commemorate his achievements and contributions to societies and human being.

His legacy will live on in our hearts and minds.


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